Hi, I’m Zoe.

Prior to completing my nutrition qualifications, I was a social scientist who worked in trying to help people (farmers, in my case) understand and use the latest research better. Pretty quickly I saw a huge problem. There was too much science and not enough change in everyday farming practices. When I switched from social science to do my passion - nutrition - I saw the same problem, just in a different industry. I felt that there was too much nutrition science out there that was not turning into long term change. Weight loss wasn’t sticking, women’s hormonal imbalances weren’t being addressed + couples were still struggling to have babies despite there being research out there that tells us nutrition can help.

I made it my mission to show you how to use the best of nutrition and behaviour change science to make genuine, long lasting change to your life + your health based on equal parts ‘what to eat’ advice + equal parts ‘how to do it’ advice.


Tried other weight loss programs but it hasn’t stuck?

Effective + sustainable weight loss requires so much more than just a meal plan or a few weeks worth of frozen dinners. I believe it should give you the tools that help you manage your weight for life.

It’s about obtaining a healthful, energetic way forward, so that you can not only look + feel better but properly dedicate yourself to the things that matter, without your weight clouding your thoughts + actions.

Imagine feeling the healthiest you’ve ever felt before. Imagine not only losing the unwanted weight but feeling strong, confident + fit too. Imagine having the knowledge + tools to implement effective, life long changes to your health + wellbeing.

I can help you achieve these things + that’s why I designed my weight loss program with this front + center.


I’m all about delivering uncomplicated + achievable solutions for incredible health.


Worried About your Cycle?

Fertility is not just about being able to have a baby. It’s about properly functioning + balanced periods, moods, sugar metabolism + thyroid function. For us women, being fertile + having good health are the same thing (whether you want that baby or not).

I’ll help you design a way of eating that maximises your fertility naturally or softens the ups + downs of PMS or curbs the suffering experienced by Endometriosis or PCOS.

But all of this strategy is useless if you find changing your eating habits difficult. So we start with a bit of habit change + combine it with the latest in nutrition science so that you get results without the added pressure of changing your whole diet.

Zoe Morosini Brisbane Nutritionist

The Story Behind it All

Hi, I’m Zoe. Clinical Nutritionist, social scientist, wife, mum, pot plant lover (+ killer) + wine devotee.

I have always believed in the power of food to transform my health, but for most of my life, I’ve not been able to translate that into sustainable action.

In my early thirties, I came to understand that the tools for achieving good health were more about believing in myself, using others for support, self love and developing a rock solid set of habits that I can fall back on when life gets rocky.

I want to make sure that every woman that wants to be a healthier version of themselves is able use the same tools to do so also.


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