Meet Zoe

She loves junk food.

Most of all she loves lollies + chocolate. Ideally both of them together.

In large quantities.

How does her dedication to good health, nutrition + self love fit in this with love? Well, in the past not so well…..

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It hasn’t always been great...

Zoe grew up in the Kate Moss era where she became aware far too early that how she looked was (for better or for worse) linked to what she ate.

Throw in a bit of (normal) teenage puppy fat + two profoundly difficult relationships, + by her mid twenties chocolate + lollies were more than just a ‘love’ of hers, they were her comfort, her pain relief + her survival mechanism. But junk food was a love affair that caused her deep psychological distress.

Fifteen more kilograms later, her health (both mental + physical) was saved by a series of encounters - doctors, loving + secure partnership with her husband, therapy, a willingness to be incredibly vulnerable AND a rock solid desire to change her whole way of looking at food. Today she is all about dedicating her time + experience to other women who feel that they lack the same control over their food, their health + their body (no matter where it is that they come from in life…cause we’ve all got our own stuff, right?).

And that was how Zoe Morosini Nutrition came to be. And Zoe still really, really loves chocolate.

And lollies.

They just don’t rule the roost any more.


 Zoe completed her Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) in August 2018 (her third degree…oops).

She is super proud to be a part of a growing cohort of nutritionists who practice complementary medicine using highly evidence based treatment methods.

Her training + clinical experience is fresh, new + exciting. It is grounded in the most recent nutrition science + her clinical practice is grounded in the core belief that everyone should at all times be given compassion, love + honest advice.

 ATMS Accredited Practicing Member #50959 


So what is Zoe Morosini Nutrition all About?


Zoe believes that women hold a very special place in this world.

Their unique ability to create + hold life within them (whether they have done so or not) makes them fearless leaders, community builders, boundary pushers + life creators.

It is for this reason that Zoe has chosen to work alongside women to identify the foods + lifestyle choices that underpin their ability to play these roles effectively.

Women who are free from the burden of ill health + body issues become better mothers, lovers, friends, leaders, creatives + innovators. Zoe Morosini Nutrition exists to provide the women of the world with the nutritional know-how to create a perfect platform to fulfil their special role in this world + ultimately make it a better place.