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i come from the same place as you

As is the case for so many of us in nutrition, I have a checkered history with food. I battled disordered eating since I was in my early teens. I truly know what it's like to feel broken. It feels like there is no way out, no way to change and no way to fix the stuff that seems to be so much a part of you.

For years I felt that the way I looked and the way I ate reflected the kind of person I was. I was overweight and I hated myself.

The difference now is that I believe that I deserve more than that. I deserve to be cared for and my body deserves my compassion and care.

I believe that it is through truly understanding my own vulnerabilities and being compassionate to myself that I have changed my life, my attitude towards food and my weight.

These days I mostly use my relationship with food and my body to treat myself well. I know when I need support and I know how to respond in a way that supports me rather than destroys me. Iā€™m still not perfect and I have my hard days but I have come a long way.

I now live by a set of eating and lifestyle habits that ensure I stay nourished, functioning and well. Through this process I have come to understand that women need and deserve love, support and care in a clinical setting and I want to be able to support others when they make the same decision to support themselves.


I completed my Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) in August 2018. I am proud to be a part of a growing cohort of degree qualified nutritionists who practice complementary medicine using highly evidence based treatment methods. My training and clinical experience is fresh, new and exciting. It is grounded in the most recent nutrition science and is constantly being updated.

I truly look forward to working with you when you decide the time is right.   

 ATMS Accredited Practicing Member #50959 

Zoe Morosini

(BHsc, MIS, BA)


You are not broken.

Just because you feel that you cannot lose weight, or get healthy, or fix your moods no matter how many times you try, doesn't mean that you can't. It doesn't mean that your body is damaged. It doesn't mean that you are unfixable. And it certainly doesn't mean you are worthless.


What is does mean is that you haven't found a plan that suits you. 


Becoming a Zoe Morosini Nutrition client is about entering into a truly individualised and holistic contract with yourself to eat in a way that addresses all aspects of your life.

With nutritional support that is customised specifically to your life, your habits, your health conditions, and your way of thinking, you become equipped with the tools to maintain good health forever. Whatever your situation.  


Success comes when you devise a plan that is based on you. Your thoughts, your medical history, your family situation, your stress.

An eating plan that starts with you is a plan that endures for life.

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