Why choose me as your nutritionist?


These days, nutritionists are a dime a dozen. Heck, you can even Google a lot of the things we’ll tell you. But it’s the ‘unGoogleable’ stuff that makes me tick + that I believe is most important for truly getting you well. You want to be able to eat in a way that allows you to live life unencumbered by your health + your mindset towards food, so I’m here to help you get everything out of the way that is stopping you from doing it + that’s the kind of stuff that Google will never be able to tell you.

What do I stand for?

The things that are important to me will probably be important to you too. So let me break it down so you can work out whether I’m the right fit for you.

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Intelligent, person driven action.

Nutrition science is usually scientific, but is it always intelligent or intuitive? I believe that being evidence-based is paramount but not at the cost of the human in front of me. That means I strive to make all treatment plans and programs both scientifically accurate and practical. Everything you get should be actionable, user friendly + should create tangible change in your life + if it doesn’t, I’ll work out a way that does.


Respect + Non Judgement.

In all of my professional interactions. That means I care about the things that you care about. I care about your concerns, about the stuff that you find hard, about your questions + your fears. It means that I design plans + programs that are customisable + I make myself accessible + available for you + your needs. It also means that I ask you to do the same. But not just for me - for yourself + the changes that you make for yourself too.

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Compassionate, individualised treatment.

I’m a strong believer in women being special. Our unique ability to create + hold life within us (whether we have done so or not) makes us fearless leaders, community builders, boundary pushers + protectors of life itself. Women need to be given the same love + support that they give others. I strive to help you feel cared for, lifted up + ready to achieve everything it is that you have to do in your life as a woman.

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Equal parts courageousness, curiosity + humility.

I don’t just care about you getting the right information. I aim for much more than that. I want you to experience deep, introspective growth. I want to help you achieve changes that you are truly proud of. Sometimes this means being brave, facing fears, opening up + exposing vulnerabilities. Sometimes it’s both of us that have to do that + I’m in it for the long haul because I believe that this is what gets you the outcomes with your health that you truly want.


But who am I really?


I’m a wife + a mum, a lover + killer of pot plants, a study freak + most of all, I love junk food (but definitely not limited to or defined entirely by any of these things). I also am human + I love lollies + chocolate. Ideally both of them together. In large quantities.

But I’m also dedicated to good health, nutrition, self love + self improvement, so how did this all get put together to bring me to being a nutritionist? And how did it shape the way I now work?

I grew up in the ‘Kate Moss’ era where I became aware far too early that how I looked was (for better or for worse) linked to what I ate. Throw in a bit of (normal) teenage puppy fat + two profoundly difficult relationships + two degrees, by my mid twenties, chocolate + lollies were more than just a ‘love’ of mine, they were my comfort, my pain relief + my survival mechanism. But junk food was a love affair that caused me deep psychological distress.

Fifteen more kilograms later, my health (both mental + physical) was saved by a series of fortunate encounters - doctors, a loving + secure partnership with my husband, therapy, a willingness to be incredibly vulnerable AND a rock solid desire to change my whole way of looking at food.

Today I am all about dedicating my time + experience to other women who feel that they lack the same control over their food, their health + their body (no matter where it is that they come from in life…cause we’ve all got our own stuff, right?).

And that was how Zoe Morosini Nutrition came to be. And I still really, really loves chocolate. And lollies. They just don’t rule the roost any more.


Got Some More Questions?


+ Are you a dietitian or a nutritionist + what does that mean anyway?

I am a clinical nutritionist, not a dietitian. Dietitians in Autralia are registered under the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). They are degree qualified + often (but not always) work in hospital settings. I am also degree qualified but am registered with an Association. Like a dietitian I am qualified to provide nutrition support to individuals and groups as well as and prescribe dietary treatments for many conditions such as diabetes, food allergies, cancers, gastro-intestinal diseases, and overweight and obesity. There is no legal protection over the terms 'nutritionist' or 'dietitian' so it is important to understand the qualifications, experience + scope of practice of the individual you are seeking treatment from before commencing services. I am an ATMS Accredited Practicing Member and my number is #50959

+ What services do you offer + what do they cost?

All details and prices on services can be found right here.

+ Do you do meal plans for PTs or gyms?

Yes I do. Go ahead + contact me if you're keen on working together.

+ Do you do workshops or speaking events?

Definitely! Again, go ahead + contact me if you're keen on working together.

+ Where are you based? Can I come to your clinic?

I currently provide mobile (to your home) services + online consultations if you are after one-on-one sessions. I am based in Brisbane, Australia.

+ Do you offer discounts?

I currently offer discounts off one-on-one sessions for seniors + students. Please contact me for details. I also offer a $50 discount of my online weight loss program if you sign up for the free trial. You can check it out here.

+ What are your qualifications?

I have a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine), a Master in International Studes and a Bachelor of Arts.


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