How to Survive Holidays with your Weight Intact

How to stop giving in to cravings over the holidays and lose weight

It is so easy to give in to our cravings when the holiday season is upon us

Honestly, the biggest problem with any holiday period is that your indulgence doesn’t happen over one day or once or twice in a month. It’s not called a ‘season’ for nothing. It’s because you indulge week after week with the pre-Christmas work parties leading on to the Christmas week get togethers + then New Year celebrations. And anyone notice that chocolate Easter eggs are EVERYWHERE for at least two months prior to Easter Sunday? I mean come on. Give a girl a break. It means you end up eating calorie laden ‘discretionary’ foods + drinks very regularly over a couple of months. No wonder you make new years resolutions + start your new diet after Easter.

And if there is anything that kills weight loss it’s a lack of consistency. The holiday seasons involve so much of what we LOVE. Amazing food, happy times with loved ones, fruity flavoured sugary drinks, chocolate galore + extra effort put into dessert, baked goods + snacks. It’s a time when your mentality is ‘let’s go all out’ or ‘I’ve had a big year, I deserve it’.

And that’s pretty hard to argue against, except that it can COMPLETELY UNDO ANY WEIGHT LOSS THAT WE’VE WORKED SO HARD FOR. That + it totally messes with our minds (+ our sugar balance….can anyone say sugar crash?) because you put so much pressure on yourself as you still aren’t fitting into that dress that you said you would.

Make a conscious plan for how you are going to manage your cravings at this time of year

So you have two choices around these times in the year. Both are totally legitimate choices but they have to be made with full knowledge of the consequences. You can say one - say ‘stuff it’ + have a break. After all, you DO deserve it + a little bit of self care goes a long way. I mean it. Eat the chips, + the icecream + all the chocolate eggs. But recognise that if this continues past these few days, you’re not going to lose weight (+ if you’re doing it a lot, you will gain it).

Or you can be a little bit more tactical + throw a bit of a plan in place now, rather than when you’re faced with that enormous table full of your mum’s best Easter food ever.

My top tips for beating temptation and cravings over the holidays

So, here are my top ten strategies for surviving any holiday season. I know you’re ready to make change otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far so let’s do it. Make these strategies (or even just a few of them) your plan + stick to it. Then choose one or two days where you don’t stick to this + you eat whatever you want + be ok with that. But for the rest of the parties + gatherings, stick to your plan like glue. You won’t regret it.

  1. Offer to help design the menu at family get-togethers. Aim to get loads of beautiful salads, vege sticks, wholefood dips, wild caught fish + grass fed cuts of meat + fruit salad on the table so you have plenty to choose from.

  2. Suggest restaurants to meet at when you’re catching up for workplace parties where you know you can get something that suits your healthy eating goals.

  3. Choose drinks that are low in sugar + don’t drink more than two in a night. If you absolutely want to drink more, then alternate with water, not soft drink.

  4. Design yourself a set of ‘bare minimums’ and stick to it.

  5. Load up on vegetables wherever you can + eat them first.

  6. Do the same for protein dense foods + eat them second.

  7. Finish eating when you’re hungry + don’t start eating unless you’re hungry.

  8. Eat something balanced + filling before you go to a party + don’t snack + drink at the same time.

  9. Move as much as possible - stand rather than sit, swim at the pool party, take public transport to the event, play with the kids etc.

  10. Get someone to do your hard work for you, like see a nutritionist + make your plan together ;)

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The perfect post holiday reset.


Hey! I’m Zoe Morosini, a Brisbane based nutritionist on a mission to show every woman that wants to lose weight that she doesn’t have to lose her mind trying.

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