10 Ways to Slay your Healthy Eating in a Busy Work Day

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Eating healthy food with a busy schedule can be crazy hard

You know that the single most important thing when losing weight is to be consistent. Which is why having a job that involves heaps of travel, weird hours, lots of work lunches + lots of networking can be a total nightmare. Not to mention the fact that a hectic work life means you’re pretty tired by the end of the work day, so when dinner time rolls along you’re hard pushed doing much more than cooking a bowl of pasta + throwing in a store-bought tomato sauce. Or getting takeaway. Or having dinner out. Because seriously, who could be stuffed washing up?

the key barriers to healthy eating

The thing is, no matter how much you want to lose weight, hectic work schedules are a serious barrier to being consistent. They affect what you eat, when you eat + how often you eat. And when this happens on a daily basis, it can completely disrupt your efforts to lose weight.

These types of work schedules are also conducive to you putting on weight. You may find that you eat a reasonably healthy diet when you are at home + can make decisions about what you are eating, but too often your work routine (or lack of) means that too many meals are eaten on the run + with less control over what is in them. And to add insult to injury, the fact that hectic schedules quite often make you stressed, probably means you are hampering your efforts to lose weight in more ways than one.

Or you may find the opposite - you’re able to stay in control when you are at work (because you are busy, but because you get home tired, you can’t control what you put in your mouth for the rest of the evening).

how do I eat healthy but not compromise my workload?

The bigger challenge for you may be that many of the aspects of your job (the networking, the travel, the lunch meetings) that are hampering your weight loss are the bits that you like the most.

And that is great, it’s so incredibly wonderful that you have a job that you enjoy doing. You just have to find a way to hold them both (your work schedule + your desire for weight loss) within you at the same time. And so far, I haven’t had one client that hasn’t had to put some serious thought into how they are going to manage their weight loss at work.

The solution is in your planning.

Make a plan for where you’re going to come unstuck in your day + stick to it. Do this before you are confronted with being stuck in the cab from the airport on the way to your 9am meeting, having not had a decent breakfast + with no snack in your handbag to keep you from seriously going to town on a burger + chips at lunch time.

so here it is! 10 great ways to plan your day to eat healthier across your busy work day.

  1. Pre-make or pre-decide (meaning decide before you get there) what you’re going to have to eat in your day as often as possible. If you would like some easy pre-makable meals that you can make before a work trip or take in your handbag you can find a great selection here.

  2. Try (with the support of a qualified practitioner) intermittent fasting. Some of my clients have successfully used a 16:8 eating window while travelling or during hectic work periods. It means they only have to think of one or two meals rather than two or three.

  3. Don’t drink soft drinks or alcohol while you’re at work lunches. One or two of these can be the equivalent in energy of another whole meal.

  4. Design yourself a set of ‘bare minimums’ + stick to it.

  5. At restaurants or catered work events, load up on vegetables wherever you can + eat them first.

  6. Do the same for protein dense foods + eat them second.

  7. Don’t snack. Commit to three decent, balanced meals a day + don’t snack at all.

  8. If you do need to snack, have a suitable one available in your handbag at all times. Try some nuts + a piece of fruit. That way if you get caught out + you’re starving you have something to go to.

  9. Meal prep like a boss on your weekends. Sit down the night before + plan out your next day’s meals. This can just be in your head but at least decide what you are going to eat + where you’re going to get it from.

  10. If you haven’t already, sign up for my free download to help you develop key weight loss habits for the less hectic times so that you’re on top of things when times get busy.

Want to lose weight but also really just want a healthy eating plan that you can stick to for the rest of your life?

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Hey! I’m Zoe Morosini, a Brisbane based nutritionist on a mission to show every woman that want to lose weight that she doesn’t have to lose her mind trying.

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