Knowing your Weaknesses is your Key to Success

A fundamental difference between weight loss with Zoe Morosini Nutrition and other weight loss programs is that I start off with telling people that they don’t have to change *insert insanely shocked look here*.

It sounds like a ridiculous premise because people generally end up coming to me to change how they eat. And ultimately, many of my clients do end up changing their diets (and their lives…dramatically). But I never ask people to change. So how then does change happen? Well the concept is born out of how I believe us humans evolve over the course of our lives.

Through small, goal oriented adaptations to their current mode of operation. How is this different to taking on a diet..or initiating change? Well it goes like this.

Meet Carrie

Carrie comes to me because she is overweight. She has been putting on weight for a while now and can’t seem to shift it. She has had some success in the past and yearns for the days when she was even just a little bit lighter (she’s at the point where she has given up the idea of being back where she was ten years ago…she’d just be happy with a dress size). Deep down she is actually terrified because each year that goes on, the scales go up just a bit more and she feels like she no longer has control of herself. She is tired, sad and completely defeated.

She believes she has to have a complete overhaul - of her diet, her lifestyle and her mind. It’s the only way that things can change, she believes. She says she finds herself going for the chocolate bar in the work kitchen rather than the apple and nuts. She sits on the couch after work exhausted and ends up ordering takeaway by the end of the week (and sometimes at the start of the week). She goes out to breakfast on Saturday morning hoping she will get the motivation to order the super healthy buddha bowl but instead changes her mind at the last minute and orders the big breakfast with two coffees. She also just needs to be stronger, she tells me. Because even though she thinks she needs an overhaul, it’s just not happening.

She says she just needs to have more discipline.

I suggest to her that she doesn’t need to change, in fact she actually has some really good things going for her. She has a generally wholefoods diet and she enjoys going to the gym whens she can. She just needs to address some of the key habits she has developed over the years.

Not change or eliminate them, but work with them.

Because they are all there for a reason.

She doesn’t need to change who she is, she just needs to know why she makes the choices that she does, and put something in place to support herself in making new choices. So yes, in one sense it is changing, but not fundamentally so.

Because the actual truth is, she goes for the chocolate bar at work because she is consistently not eating enough for lunch (because she often works through her lunchbreak) and by 3pm she is simply hungry. And she sits on the couch because she has a super busy job and is (genuinely) too tired to dedicate time to a home cooked meal. And she can’t help herself but order the big breakfast because she often has too much to drink the night before (because she just adores Friday nights out with her boyfriend) and she has a habit of choosing food that makes her feel better when she is hungover (and who doesn’t?!).

Everything that she is doing is in place because she wants it there

Boom. There it is. The very reason why she is feeling out of control. And if there is one paragraph that I recommend you read out of this whole article it is this one coming up.

She wants two things at once and she isn’t integrating one of her deepest desires (weight loss) into all of the other things in her life that she holds dear (all the other stuff). You see, she likes her job and she likes the satisfaction of achieving, and that’s why she goes hungry and is tired in the evenings. She likes the buzz of a Friday night and sitting outside on balmy nights after a long work week and catching up with people whom she loves and that’s why she is drinking a bit too much and choosing crappy food the next day. Yes, these things all put together are making her put on weight. But more importantly, THIS IS WHY SHE THINKS SHE CAN’T CHANGE, because she happens to like doing the stuff that is making her put on weight.

And this is precisely why I tell people that they don’t have to change.

You will find food freedom AND lose weight when you accept who you are - the good and the bad - and use them BOTH to your advantage.

Photo by  Brooke Lark  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Understand exactly why you make the choices that are making you gain weight and stopping you from losing it and you will succeed. Once you know that, together we can put the stuff in place to support you in making the changes you want to make IN LINE WITH YOUR CURRENT WAY OF LIVING.

So yes, people end up changing. But they don’t get an overhaul. That never works. And they don’t make the changes that their nutritionist wants them to make. They make the changes that suit them. And don’t we all? I just choose to work WITH this mindset and not against.

In one week I will release my 10 week Weight Loss Program. I hope you can join me so we can design your perfect plan, side by side.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, sign up for the ZMN Weight Loss Community on Facebook where I am doing a series of free webinars to start doing some of this yourself.

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