How Do I Get Myself Back on Track?

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Everyone has setbacks. And I mean, EVERYONE.

Setbacks so often begin with a stressful event.

For me, recently, it was a torn ligament in my ankle after a fall at the gym. I was finally getting somewhere with my fitness program and I was really starting to get into a routine with healthy eating and taking care of myself.

It TOTALLY messed with me.

No exercise meant I had stopped doing one of my key habits that helped me manage stress. Higher stress meant I ate foods that made me feel comforted and secure (read: lots of home baking) and the more I ate, the worse I felt. The icing on the cake (so to speak) was a nice breakout on my forehead which really served to reinforce my lack of confidence.

Setbacks are devastating to your self esteem and your belief in your ability to progress with your weight loss goals. They can leave you feeling like you'll never succeed and before you know it, you're eating worse than you did before you even started.

But if you ask anyone that has gone on a health journey they will tell you that their progression was not linear.

They didn't wake up one morning and from then on they lost weight consistently and never faltered. They had setbacks. All of my clients have setbacks. I do too. All the time.

But it is HOW you recover from them and HOW LONG it takes you to get back on track that makes the difference.

Quite often when you're in a rut it can seem impossible to go back to being 100% on track and so, sometimes I will recommend to clients that they choose one thing that they can commit to that is a progression towards their goal but is not overwhelming. For me, it took a trip back to the gym. It was not at my normal intensity because I was still injured but it was enough for me to feel like I had achieved something. I didn't change what I was eating that day. But I did the next. I finally felt like I could do it. 

So if you’re struggling to get back on track, think about what is it that you KNOW will help you give you just that little bit of success. It will already be in you somewhere - it doesn't have to be revolutionary, just something specific to YOU. Something you know that will be a positive change. Some suggestions I give to clients are:

  • Not eating snacks (just stick to three meals a day)

  • Drinking two litres of water daily

  • Eating five cups of vegetables a day

  • Doing a set number of exercise sessions a week (even if it is just stretching or going for a walk)

  • Making sure you have a palm size serve of protein in every meal

  • Planning your meals for the week

  • Meditating daily/weekly/every few days

  • Swapping an afternoon snack for a cup of herbal tea

The possibilities are endless. And the more you practice it, the better you will get at getting back to it quickly.