How to Bounce Back from a Binge ASAP

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If you’re EMBARRASSED about a binge, don’t be, it’s normal.

I saw an Instagram post the other day + it said something along the lines of…

I want to lose the weight + I know the things I have to do to lose the weight + I don’t do the things I know I have to do to lose weight but I still want to lose the weight

And seriously, the number of comments on that post was insane. Everyone related to it. Everyone felt it. Everyone had experienced it.

so why is healthy eating so damn hard?

One of the reasons why you may find it so difficult to lose weight + be healthy is because there is a disconnect between what you WANT FOR YOURSELF + what you actually DO. And it is totally real.

And when it comes to food, it’s so easy to forgo your long term goals for that instant (delicious but short lived) gratification. For some reason, in the moment when you really want that fourth chocolate cookie, it’s really difficult to think about that dress you want to fit into, or how bad you’ll feel after you’ve eaten it.

And even if you have the forethought to remember the dress….quite often you still do it.

While a treat here or there doesn’t really hamper weight loss (+ may actually be useful), days of binge eating (or eating food not aligned with your goal) can seriously affect your chances of losing weight, because it totally blows out the amount of energy you’re taking in + makes you feel like you’re never going to achieve anything.

Success at weight loss is contingent on how quickly you are able to brush off a binge + pick yourself up where you left off with your healthy eating.

Which is easier said than done, right?

it’s what we do after binge eating that is the key.

It makes sense to put mechanisms in place that support your return to healthy eating as soon as possible (without feeling guilty as much as possible…because that doesn’t help you much at all) so that you’ll be in a better position to achieve your weight loss goals.

The key is to only put one thing in place at a time.

Try to avoid + promising yourself that you’ll be ‘good’ for the rest of the day (all or nothing thinking can lead you into more trouble) + just choose one or two of the actions below + stick to it. Before you know it, you’ll be in a much better frame of mind + much more open to making more positive choices the next day!

What to do post binge

So rather than giving you a strategy to stop binge eating (noting that if this is a serious issue for you, support from a psychologist or counsellor is highly recommended), the following suggestions are designed to help you move on quickly + compassionately after a binge so you can make yourself more likely to reach your weight loss goals quicker + with less heartache.

*And if you want some fantastic further reading on this topic + how to start to address binge eating more broadly, I recommend checking out this book.

5 tips post binge

1. Have a tangible, action oriented goal for the next time you eat + tell someone about it who will actually keep you accountable. Such as I’m not going to have any more snacks until dinner time + when I eat it will be a specific meal (that you’ve already decided on + planned for).

And with this, accountability is everything. I don’t know how many times I’ve told my partner, I’m going to eat healthy tomorrow. And he says ‘great’. And I don’t. And he doesn’t do anything about it because he loves me all the same. It’s a one way track to another binge.If you don’t have someone who can help you do this, get a community that you can go to or enlist the help of a professional who will help you stick to your plan.

2. Eat again only when you are hungry, not when you think you should. If that is the next day then fine. Don’t eat your dinner just because you think you should have something to eat. Plan your next healthy meal for when you’re hungry + wait.

3. Be kind to yourself. It’s done + you’re ok. If binge eating is something that you struggle deeply with it, give yourself the gift of seeing someone who can help you with it. There is no shame in asking for help. In fact, it may be the only way things will change for you.

4. Move. Not “I’m going to burn it all off because I feel guilty” type of movement. Rather, instead of wallowing + eating more (because you feel bad), get out of the house. Put on your runners + just walk. Get into nature, breathe in some fresh air + remind yourself that there is way more to life than what just happened. You’ll be surprised at how effective this is.

5. Repeat one or a few of these each time a binge happens. Practice + repetition is the key to getting back on your feet + dusting yourself off + moving on with things.


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