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The best thing about HABITS is that it takes your key barriers to weight loss + makes changing them EASY.

how does habits do this?




Each challenge builds on the next so that you can integrate change without the overwhelm of a completely new + restrictive way of eating.

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Program Structure

Each week you will be given a new challenge. Check them out below to see what your next six weeks will entail!

If you’re at all stuck you can ask questions directly in the comments section below. You can skip ahead but I don’t advise that you do. Each week is specifically designed to build upon the next to provide you with the best chance of integrating these habits for life.

I cannot rave enough about Zoe’s HABITS weight loss program.

It is the first time I’ve ever done a program that feels like it is about changing the way I approach eating rather than specifying 21 different recipes I must cook every week to make it work. I simply don’t have time for that.

I feel in this program we have taken taken a whole different approach to healthy eating and one that I can actually sustain for the long haul.

You know that analogy “Teach a man to fish and he has food for life”, well that is exactly what Zoe does here. She teaches you to fish.

She is a delight and her support is amazing. Not to mention that she has also been here before trying to lose weight and be a healthier version of herself so her support and advice is 100% credible.

Thank you Zoe!! You are amazing
— Rachael Johnson

Why HABITS Works

➤ Each week builds you up physically + mentally, using small, achievable goals that WORK to consistently make you lose weight.

➤ Daily support so you can weather the times that you’re most likely to give in + make the most of the times when you’re motivated.

➤ Weekly food + habit changes specifically designed to keep you full, reduce your cravings + lose weight - all without counting calories or trying to stick to a meal plan.

➤ Tonnes of useful resources, recipes + sample menus for inspiration + ideas so you don’t have to spend hours trying to fit it all in to your life.


So let’s get started!

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Welcome to HABITS, the weight loss program that transforms you + your eating habits for good.

Enter EARLYBIRD at the checkout to get $50 off the full HABITS program if you purchase before 30 March 2019!

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1. The No Snacks Challenge

2. No Snacks: A few extra notes

3. Restriction vs Flexibility

4. For When it Gets Hard

5. What are your Non-Scale Victories?

6. What to do if you Couldn’t do No Snacks

7. Congratulations!


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