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For When it Gets Hard


Here’s a quick mindset activity to help you pick yourself up after a hard day + keep on going (without feeling like you’ve screwed up all of your progress).

It will definitely get hard.

One part of the day might be hard, the whole day might be hard, two days might be hard + that’s because change is hard + uncomfortable. There’s also a good chance you feel like you have failed numerous times before which makes chance even harder.

And there will indeed be a time sooner or later in this program where you feel like you’ve failed + it makes you question why you are doing it, or whether you even really care about your weight or being healthier anyway or whether you can actually do it for long enough. Some of you may not have even been able to do one day without snacks so it might feel like you’ve already ‘failed’ (I put this in inverted commas because later on in the program you will learn how to use these moments as learning opportunities + to use them to be kinder to yourself).

The trick to picking yourself up + moving on is to recognise that ‘failure’ (i.e. not meeting your own expectations) for almost all of us is actually INEVITABLE. In fact, failure is a normal + absolutely essential part of learning.

It is required to help you change, to reflect + to discover new things about yourself. Out of it comes transformational growth + that’s what you’re here for right?

Plan for your failure

Given that failure on some level is inevitable, the most important question for you is: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WHEN YOU DON’T MEET THE DAILY GOALS YOU SET FOR YOURSELF? Because it is what you do after it that will make or break your long term goals.

Currently your response when you fail might be to say:

➤ Stuff it, I’ll start again tomorrow (but you often don’t)

➤ Oh well I’ve screwed up now, I might as well go all out (and you often do)

➤ See, I told you you couldn’t do it (so you stop altogether)

Any one of these responses is going to lead you to a situation where you are more likely to give up. So instead, I want you to be ready for your failure + ready for the typical responses that you have when you fail.

And today, in preparation for those times, I want you to craft new responses.

In other words, I want you to have your action plans in place for those times when you disappoint yourself or don’t meet your own expectations. In this way you can move on quicker + with renewed optimism rather than with self doubt + feelings of failure.

Three tips to responding to your failures positively so you can move on with kindness, compassion + strength.

tip ONE:

Observe + get to know WHY you don’t do what you plan to do (in this week it might be No Snacks) + use it to change your plan for the very next day. For example, you couldn’t do No Snacks yesterday because you had to have a really later dinner as you stayed back at work. If you know you are going to be faced with a similar day tomorrow, then plan to bring in a pre-prepared dinner or a bigger lunch, which you can move to later in the day. Or plan to have a coffee or tea in the afternoon to help you get through until dinner. Tell someone about your new plan + get them to help you stick to it.

Step Two:

Observe what you say to yourself before you’re about to do something that isn’t in line with your goals. Observe what you say to yourself after you’ve done it. Write down your most commonly used phrases or thoughts.

With each of these phrases, turn them around by writing down the opposite sentiment. Whenever are you saying ‘I can’t’ or ‘I couldn’t’ or ‘I don’t want to’. Can you change it to an ‘I can’ or an ‘I want to’? Write them down + refer to these whenever you are struggling with your food choices.

For example:

I’ll just have one’….turns into ‘I choose to have something else that’s good for me instead.

I don’t think I can resist….’ turns into ‘I can resist…..

I can’t believe I ate….I may as well just eat more because I’ve blown it now…..’ turns into I ate….+ it was delicious. And for my next meal I choose to eat……’.

TIP Three:

Go to the HABITS Facebook Group or email me as soon as you feel like you’ve ‘failed’. I check into the group daily or someone else will be there to talk to if I’m not. Post what you’re struggling with (+ make sure you tag me in it so I definitely see it) or post some detail on WHAT YOU DID THAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU FAILED + we can troubleshoot a response that helps you move on positively. Be honest + open to change. In my experience the more open a person is, the more they grow. Sometimes the simple act of pausing + offloading what is bothering you can be enough to get you back on track.


You are important + your health

is worth every hard moment.

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