Week 1 | Day Four


For When it Gets Hard


You will have easy days + hard days.

Here’s how to get through the hard days and come out on top.

It will definitely get hard.

One part of the day might be hard, the whole day might be hard, two days might be hard. We’re all here because weight loss is HARD.

And more than likely most of us have failed numerous times before. And there will be a time sooner or later where you are questioning all of the things.

➤ Why you are doing it?

➤ Whether you even really care about your weight anyway.

➤ Whether you can actually do this.


Some of you will have already ‘failed’ within the first three days. Some of you will get to that moment tomorrow or in two weeks time. You know the moment. It’s the time when you don’t meet the goals you expect of yourself.

So what if I told you that it was INEVITABLE. That failure is a normal part of learning, and changing and discovering new things about yourself.

So the solution is to answer the question, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WHEN YOU FAIL?

➤ Know yourself + look at WHY you couldn’t do no snacks and use it to change your plan for the next day (look forward to Day Six for ideas)

➤ Go to the Facebook Group {available for members of the full HABITS program!}. I check in regularly and other HABITS members won’t be far away. Write down what you’re struggling with or WHAT YOU DID THAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU FAILED. Be open and honest and open to change - you never know what might happen to change your thinking!

➤ Use the support of others. Talk to those around you, ask for their advice on how to change this aspect that you’re struggling with. You will be surprised at how many people have worked through these things too.

Write down your steps that you will follow when it happens and keep them with you. Stick to them, revise them if they didn’t work. Failure is just a way of getting to know more about yourself so learn from it, change your approach and move on.

YOU CAN DO THIS. But you need to keep at it.

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