Week 1 | Day Five


What are your Non-Scale Victories?


Today, take a moment to comment below or simply write

down three of your Non-Scale Victories.

In other words, write down three changes you have

noticed or three things you have achieved that are


Two days to go! See you tomorrow, hang in there!

Complete satisfaction joining you Zoe on the journey of weight loss, health and exercise.

Your program + support has been at a very high level.
You’ve helped my awareness to the importance of health + wellness and your information on any questions raised are answered, with sometimes the support of the team of ladies doing the same.

I’ve been with a great group of ladies doing the same thing. I love how we’ve been there for each other.

I can’t thank you enough with leaving me the tools that will help me continue to achieve the results I’m after.

It’s absolutely fabulous to notice the changes in my clothes + on the scales.
— Lee Gadsby, Sunshine Coast

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