Week 1 | Day Six

What to do if you Couldn’t do No Snacks


And no, it doesn’t mean you failed, you just need to change tact.

There are a number of completely legitimate reasons why doing No Snacks will not be feasible for you.

If this is the case, you have many options available to you and you will still get the same outcome! So pick one of these and re-do this week.

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1. You got too hungry + found yourself giving in

Of the most common reasons why people struggle to do No Snacks is that they can’t make it to the next meal because they get too hungry. First, make sure you are definitely hungry, would a glass of water do? Make sure you are full with your main meals. Go back to Day Four and use my strategies for getting through the hard times.

If you definitely can’t do it, that’s FINE! Look at my answer for point number 2 below and follow that!

Also, make sure you are not bingeing for other reasons. if you have an eating disorder or disordered eating and No Snacks makes this WORSE for you and not BETTER then stop the program, consult your doctor, psychologist , counsellor or me and you can be best advised about how to continue.

2. You have a daily schedule that means you already go too long without food or have irregular meal times so you need to eat when you can

Sometimes people who do shift work find that no snacks can be difficult. Moving to next week’s challenge and doing four meals instead of three is a better option for you. One of those meals can be a smaller portion of protein if you’re not hungry enough for four big meals. Just make sure it contains protein.

3. You do a lot of exercise + found yourself needing the extra food.

See the solution above - you may need to make it four meals or three meals and a snack. Move on to next week and adjust it accordingly.

4. You tried to do no snacks but also tried to eat a weight loss diet with your other meals + it all fell apart by the end of the week because you got tempted by the chocolate in the cupboard.

I’m not surprised! It’s ok to be motivated and want to do it all at once. But often that is the very reason why we fail at weight loss multiple times and that is because we can’t sustain the goals that we set ourselves and we stop all together. The HABITS program is designed to build you up so that you make progress slowly and sustainably. It might be slower and I get that you want to get cracking and that is totally fine. So you have two options, you can re do this week and stick 95-100% of the time to the No Snacks guideline and when you’re motivated, eat as healthily as you can but when things get a bit difficult know that you can eat whatever you want in your meals just as long as you don’t snack. That way you’ve still achieved your goal for the week.


You can continue on with next week but incorporate the No Snacks as directed in this week. Remember that next week’s Challenge builds on last week’s Challenge so don’t move onto the next week unless you are sure you can do both for at least 95% of your week. Make sure you are full with your main meals. Not stuffed, but full and satisfied.

Remember, you didn’t fail, you just have to adjust your plan to fit in with your life, not the other way around.

One Day to Go! See you tomorrow for the finale for this week!


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