Week 1 | Day One


Let’s Get Started!


Welcome to the No Snacks Challenge!

For the next seven days there is only one rule - No Snacking!

*Remember to do ONLY ONE DAY AT A TIME unless advised otherwise.e.


What will your day look like?


The Details.

➤ At this stage, you will make no other change to your diet other than eating only three meals each day.

This does NOT include drinks. So yes, you can drink what you like (as long as it's not so much or so large that it’s taking the place of a snack for you). So a coffee (only make it a small) or a wine here or there in between meals is fine. 

➤ If you would like dessert, have it (we are only focusing on ONE habit at a time) but you must have it JUST AFTER dinner or lunch (or breakfast!!) i.e. as a part of the meal. It must not be 30 mins or an hour or so later (because then it becomes a snack + you have more room to eat more!).

➤ Don't worry about what is in your meals. Just have three of them. Make sure you are full + satisfied with each meal.

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This is your first introduction to strategic restriction.

Even though you may have quite a healthy diet already, you may not be losing weight, which means that your calorie intake is probably higher than what is required to drop the kilos. In in order to lose weight, you have to reduce the amount of energy you’re eating or change the type of food that you’re eating to something that has less energy. In this program we will do both, but not all at once.

Taking out snacks (restricting) but eating whatever you like for your other meals could be described as strategic or targeted restriction. I find it useful for clients that feel overwhelmed by all of the things they think has to be done to lose weight. This is because it introduces you to the idea that something has to change (i.e. you need to restrict your food intake in some way) but it is strategic in the sense that it doesn’t make you feel like you’re missing out altogether.

There are other benefits to not snacking too!

  • We often find ourselves eating when we’re not actually hungry. Avoiding snacks means we’re eating food when our body needs it rather than when we want it.

  • Having breaks between meals allows for proper digestion and the clearance of hormones like insulin. It gives our hormone receptors time without stimulation which keeps them nice and sensitive. When our bodies respond properly (sensitively) to hormones, we are best placed to absorb and use nutrients properly, meaning we can make the most of every bite.

  • No snacking also reminds us how nice food is. If we are hungry when we eat our meals, we tend to enjoy them more, meaning we are more satisfied by our meals and less prone to seeking more stimulation later on in the form of junk food.

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Good luck + see you tomorrow!

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