Week 1 | Day One


Let’s Get Started!


Welcome to the No Snacks Challenge!

For the next seven days there is only one rule - No Snacking!

*Remember to try to do ONLY ONE DAY AT A TIME unless advised otherwise.


What will your day look like?

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Important Details.

✔ At this stage, you will make no other change to your diet other than eating only three meals each day. If you find that you can’t eat only three meals, head straight to DAY SIX to customise your week.

This does NOT include drinks. So yes, you can drink what you like (as long as it's not so much or so large that it’s taking the place of a snack for you). So a coffee (only make it a small) or a wine here or there in between meals is fine. Attach it to a meal where possible but it’s not compulsory at this stage.

✔ If you would like dessert, have it (you are only focusing on ONE habit at a time) but you must have it JUST AFTER dinner or lunch (or breakfast!!) i.e. as a part of the meal. It must not be 30 mins or an hour or so later (because then it becomes a snack!).

✔ Don't worry about what is in your meals. Just have three of them. Make sure you are full + satisfied with each meal.

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Will this weeks challenge help me lose weight?

Even though you may have quite a healthy diet already, you may not be losing weight or you may feel that you aren’t as consistent as you’d like to be, which ultimately means that your daily calorie intake is probably higher than what is required to drop the kilos.

In order to change your body composition (i.e. burn extra fat stores), you have to reduce the amount of energy you’re eating. That way your body starts to use up it’s fat stores as an energy source rather than using the food you are supplying it.

Taking out snacks is a super simple way of reducing your energy intake so yes, you may lose weight but it all depends on how much weight you want to lose, what weight you currently are, how much activity you are doing + what your current diet looks like. More on that later.

WHY do I have to do NO SNACKS?

This is your first introduction to strategic restriction.

It’s a really useful tool to help you change your eating habits long term as it slowly begins to reduce the ‘extra’ foods that your body may not need without you feeling like everything has been taken away from you (which is setting you up to eventually give up).

If you stick with it, your body will adjust to only having three discrete meals a day. Eventually, most people put a snack back in to their day (especially if their exercise increases) but by then they usually make much more considered choices based on hunger rather than other needs.

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There are other benefits to not snacking too (the science-y bit)!

  • Avoiding snacks means you’re eating food when your body needs it rather than when you want it. It’s a great way of making you more conscious of your hunger signals + being mindful of why you’re eating.

  • Having breaks between meals allows time for the proper mobilisation + clearance of hormones that are needed to get your food to where it is used properly + to help you recognise hunger + satiety. Why is this important? Your body needs time without exposure to it’s hormones so it can respond to their messages effectively + stay sensitive to them. Constant feeding produces constant hormonal signals + over time it can make your body less efficient at recognising what to do with food.

    When your body responds properly (sensitively) to hormones, you are best placed to absorb + use nutrients + energy properly, meaning you can make the most of every bite, make decisions based more on hunger + prevent excess weight gain long term.

  • No snacking also reminds you how nice food is! If you are hungry when you eat your meals, you tend to enjoy them more, meaning you are more satisfied by your meals + less prone to seeking more stimulation later on in the form of junk food.

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Good luck + see you tomorrow!

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