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About Zoe Morosini Brisbane Clinical Nutritionist

My Six Week Online Program will help you:

  • Reach your healthiest weight through positive, healthful change rather than unsustainable restrictions.

  • Achieve success without missing out on all the things that you love.

  • Become the healthiest version of yourself with balance.

  • Cut through the self doubt + stay motivated when you’re not feeling like sticking with it.

  • Find a sustainable, life long way of eating that suits you + your goals.

  • Achieve great sleep, more energy + tonnes of confidence.


Strategies to help you get motivated + stay motivated.

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10+ Downloads + exercises.

2 x PROGRESS TRACKERS so you can track change the way that suits you.

3 x FOOD LISTS so you know what to eat + when.

6 x MINDSET EXERCISES to help you get through the difficult times + take change to the next level if you’re ready.

Simple changes for big results.

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Easy to Do.

6 x FOOD and/or BEHAVIOUR CHALLENGES emailed to you at the start of each new week.

Log in for easy to follow instructions + troubleshooting if it isn’t working for you.

Each week either adds to your plate or takes away.

Daily emails linking you to content so you can decide whether you want to read/do more.

Support, compassion + strength when you need it most.

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Simple + helpful program content.

40+ content pages with Challenge details, additional exercises, self care tips, modifications + sample menus.

Time for you.

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Discounts from HABITS partners.

HABITS has teamed up with three amazing Aussie brands so you can enjoy amazing discounts, treat yourself + focus more on getting yourself healthier.

Click on each week to discover more about your program.


Free downloads for even better results.

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BONUS Downloads (RRP $50 AUD)

Systematically overcome each one of your weight loss barriers so that you can stick to your plan + not give up.

Break through your mental barriers to beginning or increasing your exercise + keep yourself motivated on the times when you just don't feel like it.

Don’t just take Zoe’s word for it. Here’s what these HABITS girls thought.

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“Zoe has been a great help to me in improving my eating habits. She really focuses on the underlying causes + is empathetic + super supportive in her advice. So far I have lost ten kilos!”

- Tanya


Zoe has helped me establish a healthy mindset around weight loss + provided a structure for achieving my health + well-being goals. I now have strategies for getting through stress, sickness, injury + other set backs without completely compromising my progress. I don’t let one less than perfect day derail my whole week. I have more energy to tackle work + parenting + I feel confident + good about myself when I look in the mirror!

- Adrienne