HABITS is for you if you already know what you need to do to lose weight but aren’t doing it.

It’s all about having a flexible + adaptable eating plan (so you can still go on nights out + camping weekends without going completely off track) that addresses the reasons why you gained weight in the first place (+ let’s face it, it’s probably a lot to do with what goes on in your mind) that includes strategies to help you stick to it (or at least get back on track faster than the usual three week slump).

So what does that look like in real life?



Welcome to HABITS a six week online weight loss program for people who say they want to lose weight but also really just want a healthy eating plan that they can stick to for the rest of their life.


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Gain control easily so you can see success straight away (because that’s what keeps you going).

Each week you receive an email that gives you a 100% achievable goal so you make change easily without getting overwhelmed. A wonderful thing happens when you focus on just one goal. You find it pretty easy. Which makes you likely to do more. Makes sense? Sure does.

Plus, you have the added bonus of it being super flexible. You have a birthday afternoon tea planned? As long as you complete that one goal, you’ve succeeded!



Your food, your way (so you don’t have to make separate meals for your self).

And no, you don’t have to count calories or buy a tonne of different food that doesn’t normally live in your pantry. Oh, + there won’t be any lost hours on weekends meal prepping (unless you already do that, in which case, you still can! It’s THAT flexible), because you’re after a weight loss plan that you can do for the rest of your life right?

Each week you make only one or two changes to what you are currently eating. Some weeks you add something to your plate, some weeks you take away from your plate. But it is only ever one or two small changes. So you're never creating a whole new menu, you're actually just adapting the principles of the program to the food that you're already eating.


You’re not only getting off the diet roller coaster, you’re learning to stop the things that get you on it in the first place.

If you’re wanting to eat a consistently healthy diet + reach your healthy weight without the ups + downs of ‘dieting’ then you’re going to want to stop doing the things that get you on the dieting roller coaster to begin with (or at least lessen them).

How does HABITS do this? By using targeted mindset exercises at points where you find it the hardest (yes I’ve got a pretty good idea when that will be…you’re human after all), that identify the areas where you need extra support + teach you how to support yourself in those times. Growth happens when you simultaneously embrace + learn from your imperfections + I’m all about that.

PLUS, YOU GET ACCESS TO THE HABITS PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP FOR TRUE ACCOUNTABILITY + PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT (not the accountability that your partner gives when they say they will help you lose weight but they also really love snuggling up to you on a Friday night watching Netflix + eating chocolate covered peanuts).

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Make Lasting Change

Imagine never failing at a diet again.

With HABITS there is no ‘falling off the wagon’. There’s only ‘dialing it back a bit’ so you can stop focusing on weight loss + dedicate your time to the things that matter most to you.



What do people say about HABITS?


What do you get?


✢ Six new weekly food + behaviour results-based challenges (the actual weight loss bit). Just log in to see your content each week.

✢ A daily email (aka pep talk…apparently I’m pretty good at them) that also gives you a taste of what is happening in the program that day. Going strong + don’t need to log in? Then you don’t have to!

✢ Four powerful mindset strategies to help you deal with hard times (dealing with the reasons why you gained weight bit)

✢ Six months access to the Private HABITS Facebook Group (ask anyone, I practically live there) where you get direct access to my brain with any question/problem/fear/concern that may come up.

✢ Weekly sample menus (I haven’t left out the vegetarians) + recipe inspiration for you foodies.

✢ A surprise in week four (the strategies to help you stick to it bit).

✢ BONUS Printable Habit Tracker + Guide to Tracking your Weight Loss (because free downloadables are awesome) (RRP $50)

✢ Huge discounts with three amazing Aussie brands (because we love friends who are local + sustainable)


I cannot rave enough about Zoe’s HABITS weight loss program.

It is the first time I’ve ever done a program that feels like it is about changing the way I approach eating rather than specifying 21 different recipes I must cook every week to make it work. I simply don’t have time for that.

You know that analogy “Teach a man to fish + he has food for life”, well that is exactly what Zoe does here. She teaches you to fish
— Rachael Johnson


Meet your nutritionist.

I’m the girl who finally discovered that I didn’t have to crash diet to stay a healthy weight. In fact it was the crash dieting that was keeping me stuck.

I created HABITS because I see too many worn out women chasing a diet that never returns the love + the hope that they all too willingly give to it.

I want to make sure that every woman who wants to lose weight KNOWS that she can successfully pursue it without it costing her too much of her time, her life + her sanity.


Let’s get started.

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