Whether you’re trying to do everything you can to conceive a baby naturally or you just know that something about your periods is ‘just not right’, there is so much that can be done using food + nutrients. I can help you create the healthiest body that you can so that you have the very best shot at creating life, or managing your pain, or avoiding the PMS rollercoaster.

Through simple, intelligent + actionable solutions, delivered with genuine encouragement + inspiration, I help women pursue any goal in life with strength, energy + resilience.


So what do private sessions do for you?


Want to fall pregnant + you’re looking to try + avoid heading down the IVF path? The best way to proceed is to remove all barriers to conception.

How do I work with you to do this? First I look at whether your diet includes sufficient amounts of everything needed to conceive healthily (+ it’s not always the things you think you need). Then I work with both of you to make sure everything you’re doing is targeted towards the goal of falling pregnant (sometimes less is more). I help you manage the stress + the ups + downs of the fertility roller coaster.

One of the single most frustrating things for some couples who aren’t falling pregnant is the knowledge that they are already healthy. If you’re doing all the right stuff, why isn’t it happening? So if this is you we will work together to troubleshoot, identify + address the underlying reasons why you aren’t falling pregnant.

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Been diagnosed with PCOS + you know diet is so important but you’re struggling to get it done on your own?

There’s so much more information about PCOS available these days but sometimes that makes things worse. Eat this not that, exercise this way but not that way, take the Pill but don’t ever take the Pill, lose some weight + it will fix everything (like it’s that simple).

Having more information doesn’t always mean you’re able to manage your symptoms all that easily. I’ll work with you to design a way of eating that suits you, your lifestyle + your goals. Whether you want to get a regular cycle or have a baby or just be a healthier version of yourself, I’ve got you.

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Complete satisfaction joining you Zoe on the journey of weight loss, health and exercise.

I can’t thank you enough with leaving me the tools that will help me continue to achieve the results I’m after.
— Lee Gadsby, Sunshine Coast

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Secrets to Habit Change

Develop eating habits that are no longer vulnerable to PMS, tiredness + bad days.

Food for your Unique body

Unlock the foods that are right for you + ease up on the ones that are stalling progress. Without hardcore restriction.

Your plan your way

Know how to organise yourself for weight loss success + know what steps to take when your day doesn’t go as planned.

Staying on the wagon

Set yourself up the right way with a plan that keeps you accountable + on track from the beginning.




  • ONE COMPLETE DIET ANALYSIS + SUCCESS STRATEGY to identify deficiencies + excesses that may be hampering weight loss {worth $75}

  • PATHOLOGY TESTING + SUPPLEMENTATION RECOMMENDATIONS (if relevant) to identify any specific barriers to weight loss + accelerate results*

  • WEEKLY PERSONAL EMAIL CHECK INS to help keep you accountable + especially for those panic moments when you feel like things are falling apart {worth $370}

*supplements + testing not included in price

value $1115


“Zoe has been a great help to me in improving my eating habits. She really focuses on the underlying causes + is empathetic + super supportive in her advice. So far I have lost ten kilos!”

- Tanya

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Hi, I’m Zoe + this is my story.

Ten years ago I was a broken woman. The end of a seriously damaging relationship, which destroyed much of my self esteem combined with a history of poor body image meant that I had single handedly eaten my way to being fifteen kilos overweight.

I was a mess. After one particularly harrowing binge, I came to the conclusion that I was mentally ill. I took myself off to the doctor (thinking that I probably needed a drug to fix me).

He told me I wasn’t sick (this isn’t to say there aren’t people who are - I just wasn’t one of them at that point). He told me I just needed to eat three meals. No other change to my diet. He gave me ONE SMALL CHANGE.

And it literally changed my life.

I went back to see him the next week and I had lost a kilo. But it wasn’t just my weight that was changing, I was beginning to BELIEVE THAT I HAD CONTROL.

It took years of many small habit changes to get to where I am now. With many hiccups along the way. I am not a size six supermodel but I am more confident, more in control and stronger than I have ever been in my life.

There were two things integral to my own transformation. One was accepting that I couldn’t do it on my own. I needed help and I needed to let go of this idea that I had to do it alone. And two, was that many small changes over time can equal massive transformation.

These are the tenants that underpin my approach with clients. I know it works. I’m living proof.


Why should I see a nutritionist and not sign up for a meal delivery service?

A degree qualified nutritionist is trained specifically in addressing your weight loss holistically. Meaning they identify + address all of the factors in your life that are contributing to your weight gain including hormonal imbalances (like in PCOS or hypothyroidism), metabolic disturbances (like in diabetes or cardiovascular disease), inflammation and gut health (like in IBS or autoimmune diseases). All of these things can impact whether you gain weight or have trouble losing it and can be the very reason why you’re not succeeding. None of these things are addressed with pre-prepared meal services or fad diets.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Everyone is so different and that means that a certain amount of weight loss cannot be guaranteed. The best thing about working with a nutritionist is that no matter what your weight loss outcome is, every change that is made will be one that puts you on the path to being a healthier human being.

Do I have to book all of my consultations within a certain amount of time?

Yes. To get the most benefit from the program it is recommended that bookings are made weekly or fortnightly at least for the first three weeks. All six appointments must be completed within eight months.

Can I add more appointments?

You absolutely can!

Can men join this program?

Of course!

Will I lose weight quickly?

It depends on how far away you are from your own healthy weight + which changes you end up making. I know that is a less than satisfying answer but it’s true.

I live outside of Australia, can I also join this program?

Not yet. But I am working on something to be released in 2019 that you will be able to join so stay tuned! In the meantime you can sign up for my FREE Weight Loss Cheat Sheet to get started!

I don’t live in Brisbane. Can I still buy the program?

The sessions are via an online meeting platform called Zoom so as long as you can access the internet (and you live in Australia) you can join up!