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Zoe can help you with…


Body fat reduction + maintenance.

▪ Natural conception + fertility.

▪ Hormonal health (including PCOS management + weight loss, endometriosis, PMS, energy + mood).

▪ Autoimmune disease + thyroid health.

▪ Blood pressure, diabetes (Type 2) + cardiovascular health.

▪ Support to mood disorders including anxiety + depression.

Package deals available after your initial session. Health care rebates may be applicable.


Session Prices

Initial Consultation: $165 ($170 for home visits)

Appointments via Zoom, phone or at your home (Brisbane Metropolitan Only)

Follow up Consultation: $90 ($95 for home visits)

Appointments via Zoom, phone or at your home (Brisbane Metropolitan Only)

Zoe is here to help you realise your body’s true potential.

What if you know you need to do something about your symptoms but you don’t know where + how to start? Or perhaps you’ve tried other approaches, or weight loss programs or conventional medical treatments but you feel like there could be more that you could be doing or even a better, less restrictive way of supporting yourself.

Whatever your concern, Zoe can help you to support your body naturally + eat in a way that makes you healthier, stronger + more confident throughout your life. By helping you understand the drivers behind your condition + your eating habits, she helps you make more positive food choices that support your body no matter what is going on with it.

She is adept in identifying the hidden contributors to your health problems as well as your emotional, physical, environmental + social barriers to change. She works directly with all of these to help address + manage your symptoms as best as possible support your journey towards even greater health.

Zoe is deeply compassionate, empathetic + relatable. A nutrition consultation with Zoe is not just an investment in your health, but in your long term, personal growth.


Diagnostic Tests Available

▪ Integrative Pathologies - Blood Tests

▪ Microba - Gut Microbiome Testing + Analysis

▪ DUTCH hormone testing

About Zoe

Zoe completed a Bachelor of Arts in 2004, a Masters in International Development in 2006 + a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) in August 2018.

She is super proud to be a part of a growing cohort of nutritionists who practice complementary medicine using highly evidence based treatment methods.

Her training + clinical experience is fresh, new + exciting. It is grounded in the most recent nutrition science + her clinical practice is grounded in the core belief that everyone should at all times be given compassion, love + honest advice.

ATMS Accredited Practicing Member #50959